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Hidden video cameras are not only useful for private investigating agencies and intelligence firms but hidden cameras are equally beneficial and useful for the people in general today as well. With the changing times, worrying about personal safety and crime, more and more people are installing these hidden video cameras, or home security systems, to guard their privacy at home,hidden cameras are also seen  in their offices, retail and service businesses, farm houses, showrooms just to list a few.


Dome Camera

One of the best hidden video camera or hidden cam types on the market today is the dome camera These hidden cameras or   camera spy equipment looks like a dome or bubble. Although the dome camera is not truly a hidden or disguised dome camera, with the  mirrored or blackened covers it prevents visual accessibility from the outside in. In other words the person being recorded cannot tell if the hidden camera is pointed at them or not.

If someone breaks into your home and you had the foresight to install a hidden video camera on your premises, such as the 8 Channel  DVR Wireless camera system seen at you would then have proof of the break in. When the police arrived to your home, you could then show them the video. Hopefully, this would capture the burglar’s face or faces if there were multiple burglars and then they could go after whoever it was. Using the wireless hidden cameras gives the police a name and a person to go after instead of just relying on any mistakes they may have made at the scene, such as dropping a wallet or an ID (neither of which is likely). By having a hidden camera installed, you increase your chances that justice will be done.

There are several types of hidden video cameras that can be used for home security. You can choose the type of hidden video camera based on your need for clandestine security monitoring. Hidden video cameras for home security range from very small in size, sometimes referred to as pinhole cameras, to  hidden video cameras disguised as other devices so as not to indicate that they are actually a security or surveillance camera.

Some of the best hidden video camera systems would include the alarm clock hidden camera video with a  built in DVR to it to keep an eye on things for you. Since this spy alarm clock is highly portable, you can even use it when travelling. The device fits into most rooms in a home or office so users can freely monitor whatever or whoever they need to keep an eye on.

Here’s a fully functional hidden camera exit sign that would be great for a warehouse, dealership or any place where customer traffic moves in or out of your place of business. Other hidden video camera devices include a wall clock hidden camera with DVR,  pen video camera,  mantle clock , an electrical outlet hidden camera with DVR, mirror hidden camera, and the list goes on and on.

A nanny camera, also known as a nanny cams, are hidden video cameras normally installed within a common household object are great for home security.  Nanny cams, used to conduct surveillance, typically is composed of a board camera, which is a miniature camera that has a lens mounted onto a circuit board. Nanny cams can run off of a battery and or electrical wiring.  Nanny cams disguised as common household objects that run off of an electrical cord, such as an alarm clock or clock radio, are powered by your household current another great camera to use for home security. Nanny cams disguised as objects without cords, such as a teddy bear, are powered by batteries.

If you are someone who is not quite sure that a hidden video camera is worth the investment you may want to look at the many different uses there are for these devices. The most important thing they provide you with is security and peace of mind. They can help you discover whether or not your teenagers are involved in drugs, or if your nanny is being negligent to your children, or even provide evidence that your spouse is been unfaithful to you.

Whatever hidden video camera system you pick from the innumerable choices out in the market today, you can be assured that you’ll end up knowing what’s happening, even if you aren’t around when it does. In the end, your peace of mind is what really matters. By installing a hidden video camera, you can offer proof and evidence of any crime or violation of your rights.The best hidden video camera is the one that best fits your needs and gives you peace of mind.

Many of these hidden cameras come either as wired hidden cameras or as a wireless hidden cameras. Keep in mind the cost factor for wireless hidden cameras is usually more expensive. Wireless hidden cameras are much easier to install as there are no wires that need to be hidden. Where as the wired hidden cameras may need a handy man  or carpenter to install the wires behind the wall so they can not be detected by wondering eyes.

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